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Is Commercial Air Travel Safe?

Consider that commercial flights have 100s of potential infection touch points including contaminated air environments, large crowds, confined spaces and long exposure times while you wait. Everything from parking, check in, baggage handling, airport lounges, crowds, restrooms, handrails, security clearance, boarding, deplaning, and baggage carrousels increases your risk of exposure.

VIH Execujet private charter “COVID PROTECTED” is our next level sanitization and safety travel program that covers you end-to-end. We eliminate the risk associated with hundreds of commercial travel “touch” points and long exposure times. No waiting! Simply board our aircraft directly from your vehicle on our apron at your scheduled departure time providing you with Zero-Touch Travel Safety. Flying with VIH Execujet is the safest way possible to protect you and your loved ones’ health. Our sanitized aircraft cabins and like-minded ground transportation partners follow strict medical safety protocols. This program ensures our clients and crews are provided maximum safety when they fly VIH Execujet.

Message From Our CEO   COVID Protected Procedures

Luxury Charter – Seaplanes, Floatplanes, Jets, Helicopters

VIH Execujet is a full service private aviation company operating out of Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, Seattle, Whistler and Naniamo specializing in Luxury Adventures, Charters, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Management and Aircraft Partnership/Ownership Solutions. Our certified AMO team impeccably maintains our fleet while our flight crews are some of the most experienced west coast pilots with over two decades of commercial flying experience. We are the only commercial BC operator of a luxury amphibious Caravan that can operate both on the land and on the water. Are you arriving by private Jet? We can meet you on the apron at any airport in BC or Washington state for seamless sightseeing transfers and adventure tours including connections to all of BC’s best resorts.

Luxury BC Adventures

Are you looking for an amazing West Coast or Interior BC Luxury Adventure Tour? For over 25 years our Chief Adventure Officer and pilot Peter Norie has specialized in delivering unique BC luxury aviation adventures for celebrities and those looking for something special. As both a helicopter and seaplane pilot his professional BC guiding experience is extensive. Our team specializes in BC’s luxury tour market able to provide unique access to the best destinations, guides, resorts, charter vessels and chef’s.