Shared Aircraft Ownership

VIH Execujet has a range of clients many of whom are looking for aircraft partnership opportunities for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. If you’ve been interested in owning an aircraft but did not want to take on the full financial commitment required to do so a well run partnership is a great option. Unlike a lot of business partnerships an aircraft partnership is much less complicated because VIH Execujet provides the professional management of the aircraft and handles all the complex aspects of owning and operating an aircraft.

Typically most aircraft are lightly utilized by their owners so shared aircraft can easily be scheduled to meet multiple users’ utilization requirements. Your experience can be very simple, very cost effective and easy to manage as we do all the heavy lifting. As the partnership divides the fixed costs of ownership amongst the partners there is a substantial savings. All that is really required is a desire to share an aircraft type of known capital cost with one or more partners with an agreed estimated annual operating budget. We do the hard work for you and find the aircraft, acquire it and put in our operations. If the group is small their may be the opportunity to charter the aircraft to further reduce ownership costs. Typically our partnerships have a mutually agreed upon term length with an easy option for renewal and/or exit. This provides peace of mind for the owners with known commitments and costs up front.

To express interest in an aircraft partnership and/or learn more about our shared aircraft ownership program please contact us.