HondaJet Elite:  Jet Charter

One of the world’s most innovative new business jets the HondaJet Elite is the culmination of a 30- year dream to build the most advanced and efficient light jet. It is the highest flying, fastest cruising and the most economical light jet that offers passengers the most spacious cabin, the quietest interior, longest range and smoothest ride. State-of-the-art avionics provide maximum passenger safety.

As a “Super” light jet it is a marvel of engineering with a larger more spacious cabin tube than the 500 series Citation jets, while still capable of a 485 mph cruising speed. Add to that a full washroom, expansive leg room, Bongiovi audio system and a huge useful baggage capacity and passenger comfort is assured.

Smaller airports are accessible with take off distances as short as 3500 feet at sea level.  Well suited to short and mid range flight legs up to 1600 sm.

Equipped with Ultra Leather Executive Seats, Full Lavatory, Bongiovi Audio System, Iridium Phone, Electric Pleated Shades, and HondaJet Elite’s Enhanced Cabin Management System

VIH Execujet’s HondaJet Elite can lavishly accommodate up to 5-6 passengers and luggage.

Based at the Victoria International Airport in British Columbia, VIH Execujet is conveniently located to serve Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, Kelowna, Seattle and all of BC. Our fleet is capable of providing charter flights anywhere in the world, with no geographical limitations.

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