Aircraft Ownership/Management

Private aircraft ownership provides an amazing lifestyle experience and for some an indispensable business tool that significantly contributes to the bottom line.  In short, aircraft are time machines that make impossible trip itineraries possible.  They save us time and save us from the painful purgatory of commercial travel.  They provide an immeasurable quality of life experience providing us with more time with family and friends and a ways and means to travel efficiently. Owning and operating an aircraft can be a complex proposition but that is where VIH Execujet comes in.  As experts in aviation with over 6 decades of successful aviation experience we leverage our knowledge and experience for you and make aircraft ownership and operation simple. We handle everything from helping you to choose the right aircraft, through to turn-key operation of your flights.  In the middle we carry out aircraft inspection, negotiation, acquisition, registration, importation, insurance, to full staffing, maintenance and operations. We listen closely and customize our aircraft management plan to meet your needs. Whether that be for strictly private flight operations or combined private and charter flight operations. All aspects of aircraft operation and maintenance are managed for you, including crew training, grooming, flight scheduling, dispatch, flight following, maintenance coordination, charter sales and accounting. If you decide to charter your aircraft in order to significantly offset a portion of your fixed aircraft costs, VIH Execujet will manage every aspect of the process. VIH Execujet’s charter program is structured to accommodate your needs as an owner 1st and fit in charter where appropriate.

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