Fractional Jet Ownership

VIH Execujet offers group jet ownership programs in Victoria, BC, that are custom tailored to your budget and to your mission. We offer 1/4 share and 1/8 share ownership options on a variety of modern jet aircraft. We take the complexity out of aircraft ownership allowing you to gain all the convenience, access, and time advantages of owning your own airplane, without the hassles of managing the plane yourself, and at a fraction of the cost of sole ownership.

VIH Execujet will maintain your aircraft to the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and regulatory compliance. We provide skilled, experienced, and fully certified flight crews who are ready 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

All scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance is supervised by our Director of Maintenance, and performed by our staff or a qualified outside vendor. VIH Aerospace Inc., a division of the VIH Aviation Group, is a Transport Canada and EASA Approved Maintenance Organization 91-00-00, and is the primary maintenance organization for VIH Execujet Ltd. VIH Aerospace is well equipped to meet the needs of clients, offering cost effective, high quality maintenance products and services delivered quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about our fractional jet ownership solutions please contact us.