Challenger 604:  Jet Charter

The efficient and reliable Challenger aircraft fleet has over 4.5 million flight hours, making this tried and true aircraft a highly-respected, all-around performer and an easy choice for business leaders who recognize great value.

Offering the widest cabin of any true business jet available today, stand-up room of over six feet and a passive noise insulation system, it provides superior cabin comfort for passengers. The 604 has a maximum cruise speed of 541 mph, and an intercontinental range of over 4,000 miles, making the aircraft well suited for longer range missions.

Equipped with a Deluxe Galley, Wi-Fi, Video Entertainment System, and Lavatory, VIH Execujet’s Challenger 604 can lavishly accommodate 10 passengers and luggage on the longest journeys.
Based at the Victoria International Airport in British Columbia, VIH Execujet is conveniently located to serve Vancouver, Victoria, and all of BC. Our fleet is capable of providing charter flights anywhere in the world, with no geographical limitations.

challenger layout

Passenger Capacity
Cruising Speed (mph)
Range (sm)
Cabin Length (ft)
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