Aircraft Management

VIH Execujet understands that corporate aircraft are valuable assets that need to be managed efficiently. Our aircraft management program is designed to allow owner control without the day-to-day responsibility associated with aircraft ownership. From operations to maintenance arrangements, from crew selection to training and dispatch, VIH Execujet will handle the technical and administrative details.

Entering into an aircraft management agreement with VIH Execujet affords you immediate utilization of our full service flight department. All aspects of aircraft operation and maintenance will be managed for you, including crew selection, training, flight scheduling, dispatch, flight following, maintenance coordination, charter sales and accounting. We understand what it takes to manage an aircraft, and we will work with you one-on-one to create a management solution that fits your mission and your budget.

You may decide to charter your aircraft while you are not using it for your personal or business travel. By chartering your aircraft, you will be able to offset a portion of the fixed costs. If you decide to make your aircraft available for charter, VIH Execujet will manage every aspect of the process. VIH Execujet’s charter program is structured to accommodate your needs as an owner by chartering the aircraft around your usage, and giving you approval all third party charter trips.

To learn more about our aircraft management please contact us.